MAY 2023

Biobased Industries and Biomaterials – Opportunities for Acceleration

Brussels, May 2023 - On 10 May, the Directorate General for Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (DG GROW) held a workshop on the theme "Biobased Industries and Biomaterials – Opportunities for Acceleration". As the first of an announced series of such workshops, it offered the occasion to discuss "the opportunities and obstacles to accelerate the uptake of bio-based materials and bio-innovation chemicals".
BioChem Europe was speaking at the workshop and presented some of the innovative biomass-derived and bio-based chemicals its members are developing and placing on the market. The BioChem Europe representative took advantage of the workshop to pay a tribute to DG GROW and praise the initiative of such a workshop, that signals that the bioeconomy is "not science-fiction, but happening here and now".
The discussion that took place after the opening by Kerstin Jorna, Director General of DG GROW, and Maive Rute, Deputy Director General, and the 4 introductory presentations (JRC, CBE JU, CEPI, BioChem Europe), aimed at answering 4 questions related to stimulating the uptake of bio-based chemicals, materials and products.
The presentation of BioChem Europe can be found here.

10 May 2023