About us

In July 2020, convinced that the valorisation of resources of biological origin would contribute to a more sustainable, circular and competitive economy, pioneer European companies that produce biomass-derived chemicals launched BioChem Europe. As a sector group of the Council of European Chemical industries (Cefic), BioChem Europe intends to showcase the contribution of biomass-derived chemicals to the ambitions that the EU has set for the coming decades - carbon neutrality, clean energy, circular economy, sustainable products, etc. – and to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SGD).
Based in Brussels – at the core of the EU Institutions -, BioChem Europe aims to promote the performance, sustainability and innovativeness of biomass-derived chemicals and their positive contribution to society.

Our objective: “With a value-chain perspective in mind, get the biomass-derived chemicals sector in the EU Green Deal and in related policies and instruments as one of the solution providers”.

Vision & Mission

The vision that underlies BioChem Europe’s activities is:
Responsibly produced chemicals derived from sustainably sourced biomass respond to society’s growing appetite for circular products that have limited or even positive impacts on the environment and climate. The related need to increase and support the efficient utilization of biomass is recognized. Boosting research and innovation is critical for these developments. ​
The biomass-derived chemicals producers play their part and forge partnerships to achieve the European ambition to become climate-neutral by 2050.
In order to make this vision happen, our mission is:
To represent and promote the European biomass-derived chemical industries vis-à-vis Europe’s Institutions and relevant stakeholders. To this end, the organisation gathers science- and fact-based information on the contribution of biomass-derived chemicals to People, the Planet and Prosperity.


Meet our team

Since its creation in 2020, the secretariat of BioChem Europe is handled by Bernard de Galembert, Director assisted by Francesca Ianni. The chairmanship of the group is currently held by Ylwa Alwarsdotter, Executive Vice-President Market Development of Sekab.
Ylwa Alwarsdotter
Ylwa Alwarsdotter
Executive Vice President Business Development at SEKAB
Bernard de Galembert
Bernard de Galembert
Francesca Ianni
Francesca Ianni


How to become member ?

To become a member of BioChem Europe, applicants must be companies producing chemicals in the Cefic member countries. As a prerequisite, the candidate company must be/become a member of Cefic according to the Cefic membership rules and conditions.
In addition, the company that show a genuine commitment to promote biomass-derived chemistry in Europe will send a formal application for membership to BioChem Europe’s secretariat (contact us) that will then request the approval of the General Assembly. The candidate company will be asked to endorse BioChem Europe’s vision and operating rules and to be ready to contribute financially to the functioning of BioChem Europe.

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